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Local Dog Training Company Invests in their first website and experiences instant growth.

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Next Level Dog Training is a startup that emerged when two experienced friends in the field of dog training joined forces to address existing gaps in the industry. Their aim was to provide a more personalised and exceptional dog training experience while setting new standards in the field. They approached us to help establish their brand identity, conduct demographic research, develop a website, and create engaging content that resonated with their target audience.

The Challenge

Matt & Justin needed to free up their time to ensure they could spend more time working with their clients and their dogs. They needed a website that would generate leads and give them the capacity to grow their startup at pace.

Foundation Building: The dog training industry is notorious for its high competitiveness and, in certain areas, lack of effectiveness. Next Level Dog Training faced the crucial task of setting themselves apart from other trainers by conveying a distinct and compelling message. Their primary objective was to address the challenges that previous trainers had failed to overcome, while offering a more personalised and effective approach to dog training.

Developing Brand Identity: As a startup, Next Level Dog Training had to create a brand identity from scratch. They had a logo and brand colors but needed assistance in building a strong and cohesive brand presence.

Crafting Personalised Content: They wanted to ensure that their website content was authentic, heartfelt, and delivered a personal touch. They aimed to connect with their audience on a deeper level by speaking from their own experiences and demonstrating their commitment to delivering exceptional training.

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Our suggestion was to Create a unique website to showcase their personalised and effective approach to dog training

The following steps were taken;

Demographic Research

We conducted thorough research to understand Next Level Dog Training's target demographic and their specific challenges and needs. This valuable insight allowed us to tailor the website design, content, and marketing strategies to effectively engage their audience.

Brand Identity

We worked closely with Matt and Justin to refine their logo and branding colours, ensuring a visually appealing and professional representation of their business. The cohesive brand identity helped them quickly establish their unique presence in the market.

Website Creation

Leveraging the WordPress platform, we developed a mobile-friendly and search engine friendly website. The design incorporated high-quality images, including professionally captured photographs showcasing their expertise. The occasional use of stock photos complemented the visual appeal of the site.

Content Creation & Collaboration

Recognising Next Level Dog Training's desire for a personal touch, we assisted them in crafting compelling and authentic content that resonated with their audience. By inviting client contributions and fostering a sense of community, their website became a platform that showcased success stories, testimonials, and a supportive network of dog owners.

Achievements and Results

Upon the launch of the new website, Next Level experienced customer engagement within a few days and had some very positive results. The following outcomes were observed:

Strong Brand Presence

Next Level successfully established a strong brand presence online and in the dog owner community, setting themselves apart from competitors by addressing previously unmet needs and providing a more personalised approach to dog training.

Enhanced Customer Engagement

We crafted a captivating, mobile-friendly website that truly exemplified Next Level Dog Training's mastery. Through a seamless blend of stunning visuals and captivating content, we effectively showcased their expertise. By seamlessly integrating client contributions and adopting a community-oriented approach, we not only established a profound sense of trust but also exuded an unparalleled authenticity that resonated with every visitor. We successfully fashioned an interactive platform that actively encouraged customer engagement. This endeavor not only fortified trust but also fostered a devoted following that remains loyal to this day.

Established a Strong Local Presence

The new website served as a powerful tool for Next Level Dog Training to establish a strong foundation in their local area. Through effective online marketing strategies and engaging website content, they successfully captured the attention of local dog owners. The website and social media group has become a hub for dog owners to connect, exchange experiences, and discuss training techniques, fostering a sense of community and generating positive word-of-mouth referrals.

Business Growth and Investment

The success of the new website and the increased demand for their services allowed Next Level to generate a substantial amount of work. This influx of clients provided them with the means to invest further in their business, ensuring their facilities met the highest standards. By continually improving their training facilities, they have been able to provide an enhanced experience for both their clients and the dogs under their care, solidifying their reputation as a top-tier dog training provider.


Working with Next Level Dog Training has been a truly rewarding experience. As a startup, they faced the challenge of differentiating themselves in a highly competitive industry. Through our collaborative efforts, we successfully crafted a website that showcased their expertise, fostered trust, and encouraged customer engagement. The results speak for themselves. Next Level has achieved remarkable success in a short span of time. The website played a pivotal role in establishing their strong brand presence, reaching a wider audience, and solidifying their reputation as a leading dog training provider.

Moreover, the new website served as a catalyst for their local success, sparking conversations among dog owners in the area and generating a loyal following. This positive word-of-mouth and enthusiastic referrals have contributed to their continuous growth and expansion.

Working with a startup like Next Level Dog Training has been particularly rewarding. We have witnessed their journey from concept to a thriving business, and it has been an honor to be a part of their success story. Their passion, dedication, and willingness to embrace innovative approaches have set them apart in the industry.

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