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Powering Madison Barraclough's Journey with Revolution Dog Training

Here, we take a closer look at our collaboration with Madison Barraclough, a leading figure in the field of dog training. As the creative minds behind Madison's website, we are thrilled to showcase her remarkable journey and expertise through our design and development efforts.

Madison Barraclough, the driving force behind Revolution Dog Training, has a wealth of experience and expertise. With a lifelong dedication to dogs and years of professional training experience, Madison has dealt with a wide range of behavioral issues, honing her skills to understand and address the unique needs of each dog.

Madison embarked on a bold journey when she decided to break free from her previous job and establish her dog training company, Revolution Dog Training. This major leap required her to build a strong online presence to reach a wider audience and establish her brand as a trusted leader in the industry.

As a design agency, we are proud to have played a role in helping Madison realise her dream of making a positive impact in the dog training world through her startup.
Madison at Revolution Dog Training
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The Challenge

Building a foundation

The dog training world is known for its competitiveness and the varying levels of effectiveness it offers. Madison recognised the importance of differentiating Revolution Dog Training from other handlers by delivering a distinctive and compelling message. Her primary goal was to address the shortcomings of previous handlers while offering a more personalised and effective approach to dog training.

Brand identity

As a startup, RDT needed to create a brand identity from scratch. While they had a logo and brand colors, Madison sought professional assistance to create a strong and cohesive brand presence that would resonate with their target audience. This involved defining Revolution Dog Training's core values and mission, ensuring they were authentically reflected in every aspect of their online presence.

Crafting custom content

Madison was committed to ensuring that the content on their website was not only informative but also authentic, sincere and imbued with a personal touch. Her goal was to connect with her audience on a deeper level by sharing her own experiences and showcasing her unwavering dedication to providing exceptional dog training services. The new website would serve as a platform for Madison to communicate her passion and expertise effectively.

Empowering growth

With a strong online presence, Revolution Dog Training was poised to generate leads and expand its reach, allowing Madison to focus more on her customers and their dogs. The website became an invaluable tool for the business, allowing it to grow at a pace that matched Madison's vision and ambition.

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