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Dog charities, including rescue centres, are the unsung heroes who devote their lives to rescuing and enhancing the well-being of our furry companions. We acknowledge the significance of dog charities and pledge to assist them in every possible way. That’s why we are proud to offer free websites and $10,000 of free pay per click advertising to dog charities.

As a registered charitable organisation or non-profit, your organisation may be eligible for a $10,000 Google Ads Grant. This grant allows eligible organisations to advertise on Google’s search engine results and costs you absolutely nothing. Establishing and managing a Google Ads campaign can consume a lot of time and demand specific abilities and proficiency.

This is where we come in. We’ll manage and create your ad campaign, and give you the space to concentrate on what you do best – saving dogs in need. We will create targeted ads that reach your desired audience, helping to raise awareness of your organisation.

Eligibility for Google Ads Grant

Dog Charities in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland

  • Organisations must be registered with the charity regulator in England and Wales (Charity Commission), Northern Ireland (NICC), or Scotland (OSCR); or HMRC as charitable tax exempt charities.

Dog Charities in Spain

  • Organisations must be currently registered with TechSoup Spain, TechSoup Global’s regional arm.
  • Organisations must be registered with or recognised by relevant authorities as: (1) public utility organisations; (2) non-profit entities; (3) other organisations, such as associations, foundations, or non‐profit/social initiative cooperatives, operating on a non‐profit basis for the public benefit.

For information on other countries please refer to the Google Ads Grant Eligibility Guidelines.

Free Websites for Dog Charities

We offer free website design and development to eligible dog charities. Our team of web designers will create a bespoke website that reflects your organisation’s ethos and values. We understand that every organisation is unique, and we will work closely with you to ensure that your website represents your work and helps you achieve your goals. The website’s hosting will be the only expense for your organisation.

We remain committed to providing assistance to dog charities in every possible way. We recognise that managing a charity may be difficult, and we want to make it as simple as we can for you to accomplish your objectives. Our goal is to assist dog charities in growing their internet presence and reach a larger audience.

To learn more about this offer and how we can help your dog charity, please contact us today.


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